The winged sandals of Hermes in Greek mythology which​ allow for the ability to move freely between realities

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Talaria is a locomotion wearable

A VR technology combining foot pressure sensing and room-scale motion capture, facilitating exciting new possibilities.

As a user walks in place, Talaria can translate that walking motion into expansive movement in virtual reality.

(And so much more!)


Dimensional array of 8 high-fidelity pressure sensors

Talaria uses reliable and extremely sensitive capacitive sensing technology, enabling the detection of forces as light as one gram!

Now featuring Vive Tracker integration

Talaria relies on the HTC Vive Tracker to fully bring your feet into the virtual world, utilizing SteamVR's sub-millimeter roomscale motion capture technology.

Universal strap design

It's important for technology to be accessible to all of its target users and beyond. That's why we made Talaria's strap one-size-fits-all.

Unrestricted access

Collaboration and exploration is magnificently important in this industry, and we want to make sure that mindset extends to the hardware industry. Developers have full access Talaria's dimensional pressure data, and Talaria's ongoing development will continue to be documented on the Talaria VR Development Blog. We can't wait to see what you make with it!

Body Presence

Because Talaria knows how your weight is distributed, we are able to achieve even better inverse kinematics solving from only 5 points of tracking, bringing your full body into VR.


Understanding weight distribution also allows users to take control of their balance and make use of it in VR. Want to ride a hoverboard? Master yoga? Experience dancing like Fred Astaire? Go for it.


The main reason behind Talaria's design. Move naturally through limitless worlds without breaking continuity, and without risk of motion sickness - really! Talaria senses when its user is walking in place, and has the ability to move them (or a representation of them) through the virtual environment, all the while incorporating every nuance and change in the user's step.

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